Plagiarism is considered illegal as far as writing is concerned. We are not supposed to copy thoughts of others in any way. Do we consider it equally illegal while copying actions of others in daily lives?

Like every writer is endowed with CREATIVITY; The SUPREME CREATOR has adorned us with variety of qualities and VIRTUES. We all are UNIQUE in a way. But in day to day life, we try to copy the actions or thought process of other people whom we consider to be our ideals. But in this process, we forget one thing that every soul has different karmic accounts. Karmic accounts are like diseases of the soul. If we can not use the same medicine in a same way to treat variety of DISEASES. So how could we achieve sucess by following a path others followed?

We all are master creators having the potential to create our own destiny. If we use our energy in following others we won’t be able to make others follow us. We are always at war either with the self or others. If a warrior is not accustomed to of using his weapons, he will never be able to defeat his enemies. And for us our qualities which we inherit innately are our WEAPONS. So, It’s the time to stop for a while and recognise Who Am I? What Am I here For? Whom Do I belong To? What belongs to me and What are my innate qualities? How can I harness them?

The day we find answers to these questions, We can lead a life like a LIGHT HOUSE who can guide others into the path of INTROSPECTION. baba ki pahadi


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