Live Life Light

Life is a journey and we are the travellers. As an ideal traveller never forgets to carry with him the essentials, we should also carry something with us that is really going to satisfy us through thicks and thins of this journey. First and the foremost thing to be carried is the FIRST AID BOX. In this journey called “LIFE”, u never know when you will collide with the co-travellers. Its not the physical collision but the subtle collision of thought patterns, beliefs etc. And this sometimes injure a person so badly that it seems almost next to impossible overcoming that stress.So one should carry the tablet of ACCEPTANCE for the self. Because life runs on 2 beautiful rules:- ACCEPT & CHANGE. Accept the things we cannot change and change the things we cannot accept. Everyone around has a quality unique to him and everyone has a different experience from the past and that’s why they behave in a manner unique to them. Just accept them and move ahead. Also carry the injection of love for the co-travellers. Apply the bandage of forgiveness on the subtle wounds. And last but not the least do carry the self analysing meter with yourself to keep yourself updating about the mental health of the self.


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