Internal Beauty

Natural beauty attracts everyone. External make-Up can help a person look beautiful for some time but that attraction is not there when the originality is revealed.Like natural roses are liked by everyone not because of their beauty only but because of  their fragrance too.Artificial flowers may resemble the natural ones but will never spread the fragrance around. Same is true for internal beauty.A man is beautified with divine virtues which are revealed naturally through the face of the person.Like a calm minded person will spread peaceful vibrations in the immediate environment naturally even during the adverse conditions. His/her calmness will resemble the calmness of a sea which has a beautiful property of accomodating like things and throwing out the unwanted ones.But a person who pretends to be calm will never have the power to accomodate and although he may look calm externally but there will be a great agitation going on in his mind which may take form of a revenge in near future if not worked upon. So as external personality is considered an important aspect in one’s life, Diamonds of internal beauty will just add permanent glory to that Beause DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER..:)


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