Observing Silence

We have often seen people advising others to learn from nature.If we carefully observe, nature has retained its quality just because of Silence.Silence is infact a source of strength.Every natural process is silent.

Plants grow, produce fruits silently, planets revolve around sun silently,seasons change silently, even our body growth and other bodily processes are silent in their action.Even death knocks the door of a person silently.

Due to this silence, every natural process is always accurate.The day to day mistakes committed by human beings may be attributed to the reason that humans now have faith in power of science rather than power of silence.As are the human beings, so is the nature in his surroundings. There is so much chaos all around.

Thus, observing silence is the need of the day. A peaceful thought will work miraculously if produced with great power and that power can be gained through meditation.


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